Sunday April 28th Revelation 1:4-18. The first and the Last. Comfort comes in the form of a verbal description of a visual event, visions rendered in words. The proclamation of the One who comes in all His Glory and might, the Risen and Glorified Jesus Christ bring comfort in a messy and painfilled world. The early Christian church faced great persecution on all sides. The Jews saw Christians as threatening all they had build and as a dangerous sect the espoused ridiculous teaching like the resurrection of Jesus. The intellectuals of the day, saw Christians as stupid and a religion for the poor and ignorant. The Romans saw them as trouble makers. Not much has changed since the time of John’s Revelation. The names have changed but the issues, persecutions and misunderstanding of the Christian faith goes on. Join us at St. John’s Lutheran Church this Sunday at 9am for a message of comfort to persecuted and beleaguered church.